This is the world-building page of my campaign world. It is still under construction, and we play through it to create it. There is currently a world map too large for scanning (hand drawn), and many of the concepts of the middle-continent are beginning to flesh out.

I am working on: Gods and the Creation myth Races and their interactions

I have finished: World Map Country names Geographical setting Base concept

The world of Balekatheir is a small continent on the side of a large, savage land called Nomad. It is comparable to Europe and Northern Africa without as much of a separation (instead of a myriad of seas separating the southern parts of “Europe” and the northern parts of “Africa”, instead there is only a large gulf).

The setting takes place a few hundred (~800)years after a Cataclysmic event, in which dark magic caused the two small moons Phobos and Deimos to crash into the world. With what power the people and gods had left, they were able to save the planet from destruction and many people were able to escape from death.

Now the lands are peaceful and inhabitable again, with the moons leaving rich deposits of magic-rich ore and the clockwork machines of bygone days from before the cataclysm being found more and more. The gods are coming back to the lands with more power, and divine miracles are being performed by both great and terrible souls dedicated to both great and terrible deities.

Of course, this wealth of new resources and uncovered technology are causing words to spread to far lands beyond Nomad. Outsiders are being attracted, strange and wild mind-magic is appearing in non-psionically blessed races, and powerful evils are rooted deep down farther than any person would like to believe.

What this campaign features: New races: A psionically empowered race called the Arcadians, who believe strength of body and mind is the highest order. Creatures with four eyes and lean bodies called Dayvle, who have a knack for arcane and mind magics but are stuck in the stone age from their Island home of Barjara. Languages are defined by region, not race. A new pantheon (in the works) and a creation myth explaining each god’s role.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get some help with this, as the world is being created during play and there’s much of the world I won’t be able to build off of actual encounters. I hope to eventually make the world and all of its info into a PDF with free distribution rights, although such a thing is beyond my current ambitions right now.