Not a combat NPC. Any combat with Amash results in the DM rage-quitting for having such horrible players.


Amash is the proud owner of a Junosian magic supplies shop. He has a strong Ahreimian accent, and does not speak Valepeak fluently, but picks up on words quickly.

He is a skinny, dark man, with facial hair accustomed to a scraggly white fu-man-chu. He has a gaunt face that looks even thinner when his form is covered by his usual purple and yellow robes. He has yellow teeth and is a heavy smoker, and is never seen far away from a hookah. Often, he will offer customers he likes especially to sit across from him and take draws from one of the several pipes.

Rumor has it that sometimes he smokes rare ingredients in his hookah, but these are just rumors. If Amash has rare ingredients, he is more akin to sell them than to smoke them.


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