Countries and Languages

Countries and Languages

The continent of Balekatheir is diverse to say the least. Being the only civilized region on this side of Nomad, it is understandable, to say the least. Of course, nearly all regions since the re-inhabitation of the continent have been conquered and taken to become new nations, separated by beliefs and operation.

A non-graphical account of the positioning of each nation is soon to come, but the languages of the regions and the countries they entail are as such.

Languages: Northtongue, Yrrsgard, Alfin, Valepeak, Erenisian, Southtongue, Bratur, Ahreimian, Erakur, Syrman, Ulagih, Heremini


Northern Sealine – Northtongue, Yrrsgard

Zedasia, The Northlands (west)

Northern Black Coast & Sea of Virtue – Northtongue

Harper, Redan

The North – Northtongue, Yrrsgard, Alfin

The Northlands (east), Dragateara, Lavata

Arborea – Alfin, Valepeak

Hafwood, Adapan, Junos (north)

The Midlands/The Vale – Valepeak, Erenisian

Junos (middle & south), Gedos, Polypheneos (mainland), Lufoad (west)

The Redplains – Southtongue, Bratur

Redplains, Seduut

Southern Black Coast & Sea of Virtue – Northtongue, Ahreimian, Bratur

Tori, Redplains (north), Gedos (coastal)

The Eternal Desert – Bratur, Ahreimian

Ahreim, Gaerth, Seduut (west)

The Lostlands – Bratur, Erakur, Syrman, Ulagih

Etast, Barjara

Sea of Frigid Demise – Northtongue, Yrrsgard

Kandeen, Zedasia (island)

The Black Gulf & Polyphenian Sea – Erinisian, Northtongue

Arganyos, Polypheneos (island)

The Far Steppes – Valepeak, Heremini

Nomad, Lufoad (North-East)

Countries and Languages

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