The Arcadians


Arcadian +2str, -2wis : Arcadians have strong, dense bodies but have a denser perception of the world.

Armored Speed (Ex): Arcadian legs are strong and powerful. In medium armor they do not suffer speed penalties. In heavy armor, they still take penalty, but their run speed stays at x4 instead of being reduced to x3.

Steady Footing (Ex): Arcadians get a +2 against trip and bull-rush attempts because of their hooved feet.

Endure (Ex): Arcadians can run or march once and a half as long as normal before suffering effects of fatigue and non-lethal damage. They also gain a +2 on saves against these effects during a forced march or run.

Weapon Familiarity (Ex): Arcadians, due to training with racial weapons, treat hooked swords (see below) as martial weapons.

Psionic Detection (Su): Being the only kind of mortal magic Arcadians can use, they are attuned to psionics. They can faintly detect any psionic effect within 30ft., and concentrating on it for a round or more reveals more information. 1st round: general direction 2nd round: number of psionic effects 3rd round: power of psionic effects

Manifester level    Power
1-3            Weak
4-6            Notable
7-9            Strong
10+            Overwhelming

Psionic Inclined (Su): With their minds attuned to psionics, Arcadians gain an extra power point per manifester level. This means a Psion gains an extra point per level, a Psychic Warrior an extra point every other level, and a fighter never gains extra points.

Claws (Ex): Arcadian’s have a natural claw attack that deal 1d4 damage. It is considered a natural light weapon and adds 1/2 of the strength modifier to damage.

(Exotic Weapon) | Damage Small | Damage Medium | Critical | Weight | Cost
Hooked Sword | 1d6 | 2d4 | 19-20/x2 | 2lbs. | 4gp
Hooked swords give a +2 conditional modifier to trip and disarm attempts because of the curved blade.
A weilder of a hooked sword, on a failed trip or disarm, can release the weapon instead of being tripped 
or disarmed in retaliation.

Physiology: Arcadian physiology is quite different than other humanoids. Most notably is their gray-to-black small hairs on their dark skin, almost like a very short-haired hamster, although some specimens have white or red hair. Their strong bodies have a powerful skeletal system and dense bones to allow stronger muscle connections. Their hips are curved and large, allowing strong legs to propel them. Their feet are not digited like a normal humanoid, instead with a hoof on each much like a horse. Their long, wide skulls are not very tall, and have strong brows. They have small, almost lipless mouths dominated by cheekbones. Their eyes are black with white irises and pupils. Their long, muscular arms are tipped with four claw-tipped fingers and an opposable thumb.

Religion: Arcadian theology is surrounded with psionics and a deity that resembles a great beetle they call Usira (Eu-see-ra). The symbol most commonly associated with Arcadian religion is the Ankh, an item they believe is tied to life. A cleric of Usira is allowed access to the Mind (see below), Protection, Strength and Destruction Domain.

Mind Domain
Special: If you choose this domain, you cannot choose one of the other domains. You now gain psionic abilities
instead of domain spells. Each psionic ability is given to your character as a blessing from Usira upon being
able to cast a new level of spells. Some abilities are usable once per day, others are always in effect.
Only an Arcadian cleric of Usira may take this domain, and this counts as both domain choices. Also, your mind-
affecting [compulsion] spells gain a +1 to their DC.
1st- Improved Psionic Detection
    When using your latent psionic detection abilities, you can gain all the information garnered in 3 rounds
    of concentration in the first round of concentration. You also inherently know the direction of the 
    psionic source instead of needing to concentrate to find it's direction.
2nd- Inertial Force
    As a free action once per day, you may charge your weapon with psionic energy to become heavier before
    impact whenever you attack. This increase gives an extra 1d10 damage of the same type as the weapon,
    and lasts for a number of rounds equal to your cleric level.
3rd- Focused Casting
    As a free action once per day, you may focus on your cleric ability. Every time you cast a spell in this
    duration, you gain a +1 to caster level. Any time you need to make a concentration check, though, the 
    DC increases by 5. This lasts for a number of rounds equal to your cleric level. This does stack with
    mind-affecting DC increase.
4th- Inertial Armor
    As a free action once per day, you can charge your armor (or clothing) with psionic energy to become denser
    before an enemy's weapon lands a strike on you. This gives an amount of damage reduction dependant on your
    armor type.
    Clothes     DR 1/Adamant
    Light- Leather    DR 1/-
    Light- Metal    DR 2/-
    Light- Adamant    DR 3/-
    Medium- Hide    DR 2/-
    Medium- Metal    DR 3/-
    Medium- Adamant    DR 4/-
    Heavy- Metal    DR 4/-
    Heavy- Adamant    DR 5/-
    This Damage reduction does not stack with other damage reduction types, and replaces any if greater. This
    effects for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 your cleric level.
5th- Telepathy
    You gain the ability to make telepathic contact with any creature within 30ft., granted that it speaks the
    same language.
6th- Mind's Eye
    Anytime a psionic ability is used near you, you automatically know what it is. You also gain a +4 circumstance
    bonus to any save you must make against a psionic ability. You must be conscious for this ability to work.
7th- Psionic Blast
    Three times per day you can unleash a 15ft. cone of psionic force, much like a mind-flayer. This ability is 
    counted as a 7th level psionic power with wisdom as it's modifier. The affected creatures must make a will 
    save (DC 17 + Wisdom modifier) or be stunned for 2d4 rounds. A successful save means the creature is
8th- Improved Focused Casting
    Your Focused Casting now gives a +2 to caster level, and adds +10 to any concentration checks needed to be
    made. It can now be used two times per day, also. This replaces Focused Casting, and you must use Improved
    Focused Casting.
9th- Divine Psionics
    Your deity has blessed you with mind-magic ability. Your Psionic blast DC goes up to (DC20 + Wisdom Modifier)
    and you gain an immunity to stun, sleep and paralysis. You are able to mentally regulate your body so that
    you are immune to disease and poisons, and gain Fast Healing 2. You gain a +2 bonus to all saves that does
    not stack with Mind's Eye.
Usira, Intermediate Deity
(Lawful Neutral)
    Teachings: Usira teaches all things to be strong and to survive. It teaches that creatures must adapt, be
strong, and do anything it has to, but not to deny others their rights to live. A common euphimism is that of the
beetle who survives through anything in the desert and savanah, even taking another refuse, and only growing stronger.
    Themes & Motifs: Usira's motifs are Ankh's and goliath or stag beetles. Psionic power and physical fitness
are strong themes in Usira's clergy. Other common themes are protection and the destruction of weak things.

Lands: Arcadians are named such for their ancestral city of Arcadia, a mythological metropolis said to have disappeared in a psionic miasma that sucked it from this plane of existence entirely. Despite it’s seemingly dark and tragic end, many Arcadians still believe that it’s somewhere out there, most likely within the realm that unconscious thought resides in. This is intertwined with the spiritual belief that when an Arcadian dies, his mind goes to live in the city and his body is retaken by the land to create more life.

Still, Arcadians long for structured societies, and so build stronghold-like cities to have them. The closest thing that could be counted as the Arcadian’s own land is the city of New Arcadia and it’s surrounding areas. This massively large city in the Redplains is a center of psionic trianing. Any creature with psionic potential often has the potential to trian their abilities here, although their race may be cause of grief from the egotistical and self-superior, arrogant Arcadians. In any case, it is very much a utopia for the psionically gifted, and a rather pleasent home for those who are not, partially because it’s near a large land-trade route from Ahreim and northern countries such as Junos.

Mentality: The Arcadian mentality is simple: strength prevails. Strength of body and strength of mind both are needed to survive, and Arcadian theology often ties in strongly with this view. Arcadians respect anyone who has strength of either, but accept the rare individual that has both, regardless of race or culture. Because of this mindset, though, Arcadians are often viewed as pompous and arrogant to the other races.

Despite this, they are determined and honorable. They will not go out of their way to harm someone if they don’t have to, and a fair amount try to help others to the goal of being stronger. Because of this, they are often Lawful Neutral or Lawful Good, although any alignment is open to them.

Language: Arcadians most often speak Northtongue or Valepeak. This is due to their societal positioning in the upper trade lands. Some take to Erenisian if dealing with the islanders, and some even take Alfin to speak more easily in Arborea. Because of a regular connection to Dayvle, they also tend to speak Bratur, or in the cases of the rarer tribes Erakur.

Relations with Other Races: Humans: Arcadians see humans as adaptable and headstrong. So long as they do not drop themselves to despicable levels, humans are held in a higher regard than other races because of this. A weak human, though, is often seen as having some sort of plague on them, especially if they do not take attempts to better themselves. Human-Arcadian trade relations are fairly strong, as both species supply and grow from one-another. In this aspect, Arcadians see trade as something to be encouraged and enjoyed. Still, Arcadians see humans as somewhat unpredictable as the other races, and react according to the individual’s ethnicity and manner.

Gnomes: Arcadians see gnomes as hard-working technophiles with a knack for arcane ability. Arcadians have qualms against the gnome’s lack of psionic ability but respect their arcane prowess. They understand gnomish ingenuity as a great resource, and so do not discount the small race on any account.

Dayvle: Arcadians see Dayvle as near-brothers, strange-looking humanoids with a penchant for psionic ability. Because of the Dayvle habit of making a relation with all sentients, Arcadians often adapt some dayvle beliefs, and seeing a Dayvle in an Arcadian city fully integrated or an Arcadian in a Dayvle town completely at ease and home is not uncommon. Some communities between the two are fully integrated, with the only line of personal difference between the two being their inability to reproduce with eachother (although bonded couples of Dayvle and Arcadian do exist).

Halflings: Arcadians see Halflings as near magic-less, small and weak creatures, who only survive through quick cunning and deception. While they will not openly voice these beliefs, that is how Halflings have been viewed since they first became known as able theives and rogues. Rare is the Halfling who can change this opinion of an Arcadian, and rarer is the one that is given a fair chance to.

Orcs: Orcs are big, strong and stupid. Arcadians don’t care how brutish an Orc is, because they will always be dumb, and being big and dumb is about as bad as being nothing at all. In Arcadian societies, Orcs are valued for their physical labor in the work-force, but little else.

Elves: Arcadians see elves as mind-strong mages, capable of using Arcane magics and psionic magics. The only thing they do not see as strong about the elves is their small stature, capable of little strenuous work. Because of this, they respect evles, but do not see them as equals.

Ethren: Arcadians see Ethren as a rarity in Humans that could very well be worthwhile, especially if they take up the call of a Manablade. The one thing that Arcadians can understand about Ethren is that they’re one step above the common man, and often feel that they relate well enough to them to even see them as more Arcadian than human. As long as Ethren do not fall into despicable ways, they are welcomed in Arcadian society, and take them under-wing.

Dwarves: The small, industrious dwarves are given high-regards in Arcadian societies. Much like their Gnome cousins, dwarves are seen as technologically intelligent, although for different reasons. Dwarves are seen to be practical, while gnomes eccentric. The dwarven lack of psionic ability and little magical ability is often seen as a liability, but many Arcadians look past this at the rough and determined soul of a dwarf.

Society: Arcadian society is a strong caste system, where each person is afforded their spot in society by their ability rather than by family status. In fact, having a strong child may allow a less-desirable parent to move up in social status because they were able to produce such a strong offspring, although weak offspring can worsen a parent’s status.

Couples are not necessarily determined by social status, although going too far out of one’s caste is looked down upon with scrutiny. The act of a couple becoming known as one is called “bonding”, an act that requires a psionic connection between two people. Because of this, any creature with psionic ability or potential can be bonded. This expensive ritual does allow some benefits besides being accepted as a couple in Arcadian society, and is a troublesome process to be reversed… which is why most Arcadians review their choices with absolute clarity before choosing to be bonded with someone.

Bonding Ritual
    This ritual is an act administered by two sentient races capable of taking a level in a psionic class. If
one of the participants cannot, such as if they are a gnome, or are otherwise restricted from becoming psionically
attuned, they cannot be bonded. Two bonded people do not have to be of opposite gender, although for purposes of
reproduction it is considered a necessity. This ritual takes 12 hours to complete and costs about 1000gp in materials
to create the ritual circle and bond.
A bonding ritual can only be undone with powerful magic casted from a cleric of Usira. Such a spell is considered
a modified 'Atonement' spell, but costs twice as much gold and no XP to cast. After such a spell is cast, the two
people who have been seperated cannot be rejoined, as their psionic bonds have been cut off completely.
Bonded creatures gain the following benefits:
    -A constant 'Status' effect on eachother. They can view how well the other one's health is at all
    -Telepathic communication so long as they are within physical contact of the other.
    -A +2 insight bonus to initiative, spot, listen and search when within 30ft. of eachother.

Adventuring: Arcadians adventure for many reasons. Some have a clear goal in mind, something that needs to be done that can only be overcome by strength of body and mind. Some see adventuring as a test, while some adventure because they want to see things and explore the world. The most vague reason any Arcadian would venture out from society would be to become stronger.

Favored Class: Psychic Warrior

Available Classes: Fighter, barbarian, cleric, monk, psion & psychic warrior

The Arcadians

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